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Company history

It all started more than 100 years ago with a football that Ernst Degenhardt threw into a greenhouse of a plant nursery while playing during his childhood. To pay for the broken window, he had to work in the nursery, where he discovered his passion for gardening.The company´s foundation was laid by Ernst Degenhardt in 1905. He expanded the business and developed it into a speciality company for cauliflower.

Ernst Degenhardt and his son Horst bought an agricultural company in Schwaneberg, in the Magdeburger Boerde region, and thus expanded the company further.

Tulips and gladiolas were incorporated and expanded into the company´s product range very early on.

Due to the war, the Degenhardt family had to leave the former GDR and they relocated to Neuss. Greenhouses were built and the tulips were then not only propagated outdoors, but they were also forced.

In the mid-1990s, we bought back the original operation in Schwaneberg and have made it blossom with a great deal of passion and investment.