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Our family-owned and operated company has dealt with the cultivation and preparation of flower bulbs for over a century.

We are pleased to offer you a look at our company on this website. Take advantage of our wealth of experience in the world of flower bulbs, tubers and bulb plants, pick up ideas and be inspired!

If you would like to enjoy the impressive colours and blooms of the bulbs in the spring or summer, you have to start planning early. The flower bulbs of the spring flowers – such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses and other special flower bulbs – must be planted in the ground during the preceding autumn. As a result, they are only available seasonally between August and November. They will bloom the following spring of their own accord – the first buds will appear out of the ground of the still sparse garden to announce the arrival of spring with their splendid colours.

The summer flowers also offer a world of shapes, colours and blooms. The bulbs and tubers can be purchased from February to April and are planted after the frosts has finished. They bloom in the summer and their flowering season usually reaches well into autumn. These include gladiolas, dahlias, begonias, lilies, the exotic calla and many more.

Many varieties are ideal for planting in tubs and allow you to enjoy this season not only in your garden, but on your terrace or balcony as well.